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American Oystercatcher Resighting

American Oystercatchers are a state priority species and a species of high concern on the US Shorebird Conservation Plan. During the winters, large flocks of oystercatchers roost along the Georgia coast. Partners with the Georgia Shorebird Alliance and GA DNR take photos and record the different colored bands that are seen in the flocks. These bands show colors from different states along the flyway. This allows us to know the composition of these winter flocks and where they like to spend their time in the winters before heading to their breeding grounds in the spring. In the spring, we do sound-wide and island-wide surveys on the whole Georgia coast, to find out which resighted bands are going to pair up to nest in different territories. They do exhibit site fidelity in their nesting territories, so we do see resights of the same birds year after year! 

To learn more, visit: Reading Band Codes – American Oystercatcher Working Group (

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