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Cooperating to conserve our shorebirds.

The Georgia Shorebird Alliance is a partnership between government, academic, non-government organizations, and private citizens committed to advancing shorebird and seabird conservation in Georgia through collaborative work that identifies and addresses important needs with regard to research, monitoring, management, and education.

We welcome anyone to the group with an interest in Georgia's coastal birds. 


Collaborating across our coast.

Shorebirds around the world are experiencing serious population declines- recent estimates show that of all the species found in the United States and Canada, at least half are considered threatened or imperiled. Many of these species migrate tremendous distances from southern South America where they winter, to the high Arctic where they nest.  To complete these journeys they rely on important habitat, such as along our sand and mud flats, where they stop-over for resting and refueling. However, threats such as development, loss of habitat, and changes to food resources can disrupt this incredible cycle. Other species nest on our barrier islands and sand spits, and face threats such as disturbance, predation, and habitat loss while they are raising their chicks.

The Georgia coast provides key habitat for shorebirds throughout the year. In 2017, the Georgia Barrier Islands were designated as the 100th WHSRN site acknowledging our role as a landscape of hemispheric importance (read more here.) Because of the threats facing these fascinating birds, and our important role in their survival, partners from across the state of Georgia are committed to working together through research, monitoring, education, outreach and advocacy to promote shorebird conservation and habitat protection. By uniting our islands, agencies and partners, we are using our varied strengths to ensure that Georgia's coasts are a safe place for shorebirds from across the globe.

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