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Georgia Coastal Bird Ambassadors 

We are searching for more volunteers to join our Georgia Coastal Bird Ambassador Program!

Our team consists of Abby Sterling, the director of the Georgia Bight Shorebird Conservation Initiative at Manomet- who is based down in the Brunswick/St Simons area, and Allie Hayser, a shorebird technician based on Tybee Island and the northern coast of Georgia. 

Shorebird Stewards, also called bird ambassadors, help shorebirds and seabirds by interacting with the public to explain how we can all share the beach. Sharing stories of migrating Red Knots, wintering Piping Plovers, or nesting American Oystercatchers can be a powerful way to help people understand that actions like leashing dogs, or staying out of the dunes can be important conservation measures.


If this sounds like something you’re interested in helping, email!

We have a Facebook group that you can request to join! Here you can post when you’ll be volunteering, ask questions, share photos, and talk with other stewards. We will post upcoming events like bird walks and trainings here! Georgia Coastal Bird Ambassadors | Facebook

Here are a few news articles about our program:


Finally, if you are interested in learning more about the work we are doing as part of Manomet’s Georgia Bight Shorebird Conservation Initiative, please check out our website here: Georgia Bight Shorebird Conservation Initiative - Manomet


Manomet is a non-profit organization, but we partner and work closely with GA DNR, local Audubon chapters, private landowners and foundations to support shorebird conservation in the southeast and more broadly throughout the Western Hemisphere. This project is part of our efforts to ensure that shorebird populations in the Atlantic Flyway have healthy habitats where they can feed, rest, and nest.

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